2016 Scholarship & College Fair

By Scholarship Sharing (other events)

2 Dates Through Sep 25, 2016

Thank you for registering for the Scholarship & College fair we are excited for you to be attending! Here is some important info you should know for the fair. 

Here is some info for how to prepare if you are attending sunday:

BRING FOOD: We have had a last minute change. Today we learned the Virginia Wesleyan employees that were supposed to staff the table were very ill, and because of this the food court area was not able to be opened today, and will not be open sunday. You can bring outside food into the venue and eat in the seating area outside the gymnasiums. We ask that no food be brought into the gymnasiums though, except drinks with a screw on cap. We are so sorry for this inconvenience, but we have no control over it.

Scholarship & College Fair: Open throughout the event from 12-5

There will be 50 nonprofits participating. Some organizations will offer on site applications for scholarships, while others will give students applications to take home and mail in by their deadline. Many of the students who have attended this event in the past have also learned about paid internship programs, job opportunities, and ways to lower their college costs. Be sure to ask about how else students can get help! These scholarships can be used at any college but will each have their own application requirements. Each will also be unique by grade level from middle school, high school, undergrad, & grad.

There will also be 50 colleges exhibiting, several of which will waive their admissions fees and have information on their university scholarship and financial aid opportunities. We will have a map key of the event available at check in.

Guest Speaker Presentations: You can pick which presentations are relevant to your family and attend the ones you are interested in. The same presentations will be on each day of the event. Whenever you aren't in a presentation, visit the fair! All these presentations are in the CMAC (Blue Floor Gym) straight down the hall. 

College Panel: 12 - 12:45
This event will allow families to ask questions on financial aid, scholarships, and college prep from families to a panel of college admissions and financial aid office representatives each with unique perspectives. This panel will have a representative from a private college, religious college, public four year institution, and community college.

Virginia Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators 1:00-2:00
This presentation will cover major changes to Federal Student Aid this year, important deadlines to avoid missing, Virginia State Grant opportunities, and other important college aid topics.

Scholarship Sharing: 2:15-3:45
This presentation will cover information on ways to find and apply for scholarships, essay writing for scholarship tips, and advice on ways to lower educational costs. 

Virginia Space Grant Consortium & NASA: 4:00-5:00
This presentation will be covering information on scholarship, financial aid, and internship opportunities for students interested in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics fields of study. 

Raffle Tickets for $500 Scholarship Prize
During the event we also have a raffle for a $500 scholarship in which individuals can donate $5 per entry. Students do not need to be present to claim their award. This scholarship winner will be announced via EMAIL to everyone.

The winner will be selected the following week after the event. This is optional to participate in, we host this raffle to fundraise for the following year's Scholarship Fair expenses. Students of any age can win this award. As you can imagine this event is very expensive to put together! If you did not get a ticket when you registered you can do so by going to this link:

Select raffle tickets, and how many you would like at checkout. Admissions and Raffle tickets are two SEPARATE things. Raffle Tickets will also be available at the event, but recommend signing up online to avoid the line.

What to Bring:

Bring a notebook to takes notes during presentations, and a reusable grocery bag to collect fliers and applications at the fair area. You don't want to have to carry a bunch of loose fliers.
Some colleges will be conducting on-site admissions and waiving application fees. Please bring copies of transcripts (unofficial are fine), SAT/ACT Scores, and a Resume. Not all colleges will require the same documents, but we recommend bringing a few of each.

PRINT YOUR ADMISSIONS TICKETS!!! Have these out and ready to be scanned when you walk through the door. We do not want students bringing these on a phone as it can hold up the line.

What to wear:
Students should dress to impress. Khakis and a polo, nice dress or skirt and blouse are fine. Parents have no dress requirements.

When you arrive there will be a security guard at the front gate. Please let them know you are here for the fair and they will direct you to where to park. We recommend carpooling because of limited parking available and the high turnout we are expecting. We also recommend arriving at 11:00 because presentations begin at 12. Do not arrive before 11! The doors will still be closed. 

Where is the event going to be located?
Virginia Wesleyan University Jane P. Batten Student Center
1584 Wesleyan Dr, Norfolk, VA 23502
Norfolk, VA 23668

You can download a map of the entire campus here:

You can call 804-577-8513 to reach a Scholarship Sharing representative if you have any further questions. Se Habla Español.

Thank you!

Lorraine SantaLucia 

Scholarship Sharing President & Fair Organizer


Students may not bring outside food into the venue. 

1. Can any student attend this event?

Yes, any middle school, high school/homeschool 9-12, community college, university, or graduate student may attend. Parents, Teachers, and other school officials are also encouraged to attend. Virginia Wesleyan College is our host school however the student can be planning to attend ANY higher education institution. Presentations given will reflect information that will assist all college bound students.

2. Who can I contact if I have further questions about the event?

You can call 804-577-8513 to reach a Scholarship Sharing representative. Se Habla Español.